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Did you know Steve, is not only a porn super star doubled of a successful photographer and video producer? He was first known for his fantastic talent as a professional musician.

Learn more about his career as entertainer, dj, beat maker, sound designer, live artist and performer here. Discover and download his most recent songs and book him directly online for your next xxx event.



Sexy, Ambitious, Independent.... Meet StevIe, better known as Steve Yard and Steve B. Born in Sion, capital city of the Valais in Switzerland, a country famous for its chocolate or cheese regarding the preference and where luxury is daily bread, Stevie is one of the electronic music scene's most powerful performance.

His unique style of making music live with stunning moves, scratches, combos and intense taste for deep and hard electronic musics are making all of his shows a mind-blowing experience. Though Stevie began his career as stage performer in 1995 he had a very successful previous career as professional musician. At the age of 6, he had began to practice all kinds of instruments from the local brass band, trumpet, trombone essentially. As a teenager, the young talent met a lot of other deejays with whom he formed the highly successful project “Hardcore Resistance”  in Geneva in the early 2000's. This opened the gates to Stevies musical career and inspired him to become an independent DJ & artist.

Very quickly, the Swiss deejay became one of the most popular performer of vinyls in Switzerland and started to export himself in Germany, Netherlands, Canada and USA. After that, he has been recruited by one of the best gang ever made in america by becoming one of the former members of the worldwide famous "Holeandaheartbeat Crew". His new performances are making use of a variety of exotic tribal beats, fire shows, pole dancers, and, of course colourful and sexy outfits hand-made by his NYC and Barcelona based designers friends.

In 2009, DJ Stevie started his first tour in the xxx elite clubs of Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Canada, which boosted his popularity. Afterward, Stevie was invited as special guest at the biggest Adult TV show in Switzerland, “The Late Night Talk Show with JP”. In fact, since 2009, Stevie completed a wide range of performances, special interviews, and guest appearances on famous radio shows and TV programs.

In 2016 the talented DJ Stevie got a great new look. The previously bad boy with tattoos has now become a sexy, stylish, hot male. With a new image, he developed new projects and ideas. On his birthday, Stevie launched the event serie called "B*tch Better Rave My Money" (#BBRMM) within a massive swinger club. In 2017 he startet to produce new songs and received support from Ricky Sinz, DJ Distortion, Rob Gee, Jeff23, Crystal Distortion, Balli, Patric Catani, Rytork, just to name a few. 

Until now Stevie has performed in more than 5 countries over 23 years, he has been completing over 500 shows in that time and is still playing in the heavy league regularly when he is not locked in his new music production studio in Berlin. His unique and extraordinary style, as well as his incredible level of freedom while performing his art on stage, makes him being welcomed with open arms in absolutely every clubs of the world to perform his art. Join today the list of promoters and clubs who had the chance to program this insanely good DJ by requesting a booking for your next event after checking his technical rider..




Performer's needs



Learn everything you should know to make your event a memorable one. All technical details before you proceed for booking Stevie's performance on stage as well as all the accomodation and transportation details in full transparency are now here.

Technical needs

Stevie is an amazing performer and can adapt himself to any sound systems, be it vinyls, digital or analog, he knows how to sort the best of each gears you can put in his hands for the public's best pleasure.

We Love

Stevie loves to perform with vinyls because of the special grain it has and the deepness of the bass lines it can provides in the right warehouse or outdoor raving space. Analog performances for art galleries and showcase are something we particularly enjoy for live improvisations.

We recommend

We recommend you to send us all the details at the moment of booking Stevie for a performance. This help us to evaluate the capacity of the club, the size of the hall, the power of the sound system, the staff in place, the accomodations, the travel fees and all we could need to make this moment a memorable and magical one.

Best Sellers

House, Deep House, Electro, Techno, Acid Techno, Deep Techno, Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Breakcore are our best selling genres at the moment and Stevie's experience and technics trainings allows him to switch from one music style to another in just a few moves. That's why you can book him today for a house set and tonight for Hip-Hop & Scratch.


By booking Stevie for a music performance, you agree to provide all our staff with VIP - ALL ACCESS PASS. This will be used by our agent, models, dancers and guests. A number of 4 passes + Stevie's ALL ACCESS PASS must be included to every performance you would like to see. The backstage must be a private one with a locking door, private toilets with locking door and shower for the dancers. For solo dj performances, a private backstage with a locking door is the minimum to provide by the club owners to guarantee our artist's safety.


Stevie, his staff and his guests will get minerals and long drinks for free for all the duration of your event. Keep in mind you will get a much better ambiance on the dancefloor with guests partying with your regular customers instead of staying backstage. In addition to this, it is a mandatory to provide one bottle of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut. 150cl. Magnum for each performance for the artist and his guests. The second bottle must be placed in Stevie's private backstage 5 minutes before the end of his performance.


All transportation costs are supported by the person requesting the booking of the artist's performance. We are very familiar with flights, trains, bus and taxi. Our artist are only travelling with 1st class tickets. When it is not possible, we rather prefer to travel by car with one of our private driver. We have a few pilots in the network as well who can fly us from A to B across all Europe with private jets and flights. Sometimes it can save you a huge load of money, specially when you know early enough the date of your event. Contact us by phone call for more details about this solutions.

Hotel Suite

For the duration of staying, it is a mandatory that you book a Suite or Junior Suite in the best hotel in town for Stevie and one basic room for each of his 4 guests. When it is not possible to book all the rooms, like defined here you will place Stevie in 4 rooms appartement with the same quality standard a 4* hotel can provide. Failing to provide a correct room for Stevie to relax and get focused on his performance can lead to a bad stage performance and this is what we would like to keep away for situation by requesting the best for our artist.



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