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I'm always looking for bad tight tattooed ass bitches to fuck with and I'm sometimes to find in Zürich while I'm doing shopping.

You feel like you got what it takes for this serious porn job?

Ask me to put you on my casting couch and I'll get you banged and crying of pleasure in the next few minutes already.

This is my world, I rock the place everywhere I'm going and you can believe that I'm not gonna stop that easily.

Welcome into my world, where girls like cum and let me feed their pain with my big dick!

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GirlsLikeCum is a young website and our members and visitors are mostly people between 25 to 34 with 83% guys and 17% womens visitors.

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Single mens

Single mens enjoy our website for all the sexy womens that are to find once you join the website.
Single womens

Single womens enjoy the website for its new approach and for the fair attitude we have regarding womens rights.

Couples enjoy the site to feed their routine with more fantasy and explore deeper in sexuality together.
Young adults & students

Students are finding here help to write their master work for school or learn the basics of sharing sexual relations.

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Read the timeline to learn my success story

11 september 2007

I have the idea of making my own porn portal and website

After i visited the United States of America in July and have been one of the best and last standing man of the worldwide famous gang banger porn label with my boys of the Holeandaheartbeat Crew, I wanted to give a way to guys like me to join something as cool as I enjoyed in the United States of America.

Between Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Philadelphia i drove my dick aboard as a little swiss dj making music there for my buddys and finished banging my groupies and a famous porn stars from Culver City for the porn movies of the gang. That's how I became the new super star of the Holeandaheartbeat crew in 2007.

I had many ideas to concretize my dream of becoming a legendary man like my ancestor the Bayard Knight, one of it was to do everything to build up and create my own empire, no matter the time or efforts it will takes to me.

I started coding my own porn website in 2012, on my old and first macbook with the famous iWeb software and some broken html codes here and there and it was a cool experience for growing my first own webmaster skills to start managing myself my own business.

Lately, I find a way for my models to keep a part of their royalties while shooting with me so I decided to run this project, no matter what it will cost to me, because I wanted to provide fainress in the adult industry.

I tought i shall use my musician skills to mix up music and porn like we used to do it with my old crew from America and i had many surprises in my life since that. My birthday was on september and that's the moment where I decided really to run a project of this size myself for the first time of my life.

22 july 2010  

We started to shoot my own contents between friends.

I shot my first amateur movie with Clara Starr a good girlfriend of mine that I used to fuck hardcore with my best buddy and his wife for a while when I was living in Biel/Bienne and just came back from USA.

It was sexy and we had a lot of fun doing it. Lots of smiles and good memories but Clara turned her life differently and we could never publish her video.

Lately she has became a copy of it for the memories and I still own a copy of this tape for the day she will need to make a couple dollars with this awesome amateur blowjob scene we used to shoot in the forest together.

6 september 2010

First Movie produced myself with a qualified Porn Star

I invited to Switzerland for an incredible banging weekend the famous dutch fetish model and porn super star Foxxy Angel who was a fan of me when I joined Holeandaheartbeat.

We became best friends after many long nights and feelings shared talking about our lives on MySpace and Windows Live Messenger. That was the begin of socialization thru the web for many of us.

Foxxy Angel came at my homeplace for a couple days and we banged her the hardcore way with a memorable double penetration and some serious ass whipping skills.

She enjoyed the ride and we published this movie for the first time a couple of weeks after that day on our first thater on C4S. Lately I decided to remove it and to shoot something more bombastic with this super dutch fetish celebrity.

16 July 2011

We start to shoot more amateur

We shoot a serie of movies with my hoe and my best buddy. Her wife was shooting him and I with my camera while we fucked my other best fuck whore together on the couch and on the sofas of her parents in the living room, while the were out for the weekend.

It was a nice and sunny day in Sierre, we started to arrange the furnitures for shooting after she cooked for us an awesome meal and washed the dishes.

To be thankful we gave her the best of our dicks for the dessert, but a couple months later, she had a sad period where all goes down for her and even with our help, she lived in hell.

We all decided together to not publish these movie and I had to take actions against everyone falling around me, so I started to look for more serious peoples to work with, on a really professional way because working with friends is not always the best you can do.

10 march 2014

Magmafilm book me as porn actor to shoot in Hauptstadtporno #4

After many years in the adult industry and a few gonzo hardcore porn movies later (Holeandaheartbeat, Swissbonbon, BerlinIntim), I finally received and invitation from the directors to perform as porn actor for Magmafilm, you know this many times award winning and best german porn label directed by Tim.

I had a lot of fun getting my dick sucked hardcore by the fucking hot tattooed germand porn star Kelly Kaos right after Maria Mia interviewed me in a bag shop for women in Berlin.

That same week, i remember i was bringing my girlfriend to Switzerland to live here with her. We are pretty happy since then and I profit of the occasion to drop her a big thank you for all the hours she look at me coding all this new pages and doing all what I do to reach my goals in the adult industry.

14 december 2014

This is not the quality I want for my content, let's do it all again in HD.

I worked hard to edit and build up a good website but in the between the standards changed and I wanted to adapt myself in a matter to bring more quality to our users and website visitors.

We started to contact our model Foxxy Angel back and offered her to shoot her scene again but this time with a professional team.

She agreed, came again and again all over the couch in the living room and in the bathroom as well too, she enjoyed my dick like never before, I pounded her ass like never before, then she was flighing back to the Netherlands with a smile on her face and with the best memories from the best movie of her ever created, yes I've produced it ladies!

We post-produced, edited, arranged the movies with me and my team when suddenly, I came to the idea of extracting Foxxy Angel's screams to turn it into a hardcore beat, make a song of it with my the noise of my balls slamming on her ass and import that song made within my movie again at that same scene place.

That's how I demonstrated that we can make great art with my balls and a bit of imagination!

After that, I called a couple friends of mine to put their songs on the movie too and we all had a lot of fun at producing the soundtrack for this movie.

A new piece of art was born and now it was time to allow a few distributors to put it on the market, as a luxury product this time.

18 march 2015

New design, new corporate design, V1 of the website are online for the first time.

Our new movie scenes being ready, we started the distribution again and we enlarged our network by increasing our web presence.

We developed a new algorythm with an IT company to use ID cards instead of Credit Cards to proceed for age verification.

This story almost kill us, launching an international and general panic in the adult industry boards when we published our website for the very first time on it and we changed that immediately a couple days after publishing our first message on the board.

That was a hard company crisis for us facing tons of comments from the industry leaders.

We did the necessary modifications to our website body and opened it again welcoming much more users and traffic than by our first trying.

Our advertising campaign made with almost nothing, we used to spread our messages across Facebook, Twitter and more to grow our fanbase slowly with true fans and friends supporting us. A big THANKS to everyone for being a part of our history since then here.

30 july 2015

First invitation at the Swiss Television.

Our project is making noise and Steve answered by the positive to the invitation we received from the famous swiss moderator of the television channel "Schweiz 5" for his weekly talk show.

Steve profited of this occasion to bring a sexy girlfriend with him to spice up the show and it was a real success.

We had a lot of views coming right after the show on the website and the relaunch was made very fast with that super show broadcasted on a national audiance in Switzerland.

Steve visited the same moderator twice again after that show and both time he performed with his music instruments on live broadcasting for the Swiss Television, what a great talent!

Steve and his friends really enjoyed doing such a performances and are always ready to show you more, just write us to launch the next show like that, we are always very serious to work with and bring a positive attitude on stage with our smiles and beautiful faces.

11 september 2015

First #BBRMM event and begin of a successful proximity marketing campaign.

We open a new collaboration with the sexiest Sauna and Erotic club of Switzerland to drop the hottest events at night with the finest house, electro and techno deejays of the world.

B*tch Better Rave My Money is born to give back what we make on these nights to useful causes like cancer research, drug support and education, collective education, occupation for the kids and youngsters, bring it always higher to live legendary.

I think there is really not any day where I had a sleep on the few bucks made with our movies and our events, in the opposite, I am constantly continuing to re-invest it for reaching a better level in a matter to offer you always more free stuff on the other side.

Over seven editions have been done now and we are continuing this fantastic proximity marketing campaign with the mission to offer a direct meeting with us to all our fans into the best nightclubs and discotheque of Switzerland, check out our event section to learn when is our next event and where is the location where we drop the party.

1 January 2016

Responsive design and V2 of the website with new blog introduction and new streaming solutions.

To start the year happy we give a small facelift to our website making it responsive and more attractive for our mobile users.

The project needed to be made again parts after parts words after words and it took a lot of time and energy  during nights coding this by myself alone for the .com and getting help from our new partner AdultCentro for the new theater on our .ch domain name.

We finally find a way and circuit that was complete enough for what I wanted to provide to the world and we simply continued to grow step by step.

4 june 2017                         

Steve B refuse to get his award while participating at CamSum and EroticCamAwards.

After being nominated for Best Tattoo model and Male Porn star several times by his fans, Steve B refused to get awarded at this summit in Lloret del Mar.

The day before the Gala and Award night Steve B refuse to get awarded, because of the sponsoring for which he already payed for couldn't be delivered by the organization of the Gala and summit.

The story ended with menaces (bullying & working independance) from the organization after Steve gives back his CAMSUM T-shirt and Porn Star & Producing Director badges. Steve only has been refunded by the event manager, the day after, making these points relevants to a few participants who remarked the same mistakes for their own sponsoring plus a few other details about this whole summit.

Steve B refused to participate to that masquerade and decided to quit the summit and quit the place during all the second day of the summit.

He did so because of the bad feeling he had for his fans paying for his movies on one side, for his actresses and models and for his post-producing crew, they should not feel participating to such a masquerade from the summit organization, they should feel recompensed for their hard work and not bullyed in front of other producers and porn stars by an event manager who can't deliver what he promises and is was question about a sponsoring here, means the money from the company invested to grow it, not to feed a fat pig doing nothing for 11 month of the year and profiting of the money of producing labels and companies that work hard the whole year for the recompense of an award.

We mean here that when you have so many pressure than Steve B can have as a movie producer, managing a whole crew who is not winning enough to make them all live and everyone expect you to have success, you can't fell confortable burning the money that your fans wants to see you invest in good things to grow your brand and on the other side, deal with your team who is still today waiting to get paid for their hard work.

It's exactly therefore that we said stop and fuck off to the organization of this summit and we'll never ever talk about it again.

A new page has been turn after that and our focus is now on being able to make this site a viable business and not only a cool protfolio, so please help us and pay for my porn movies here, look at all the free stuff already in place, now we need you to save the company and the project.

We are now dropping our own events in many clubs, with the help of many friends helping to assist as a free staff of benevoles and we definitely don't need a submit to go meet our closest friends, fans and supporting members, we have our own exclusive events and parties for this now! And believe me, in one night, I get more visitors than in your fucking summit in the shittiest summer station of the world, so just visit our event section to learn where is our next party and how you can meet me and my gang of bad ass deejays and porn stars.

27 june 2017

New website lifting and new picture sets added to the shop.  

Steve B start to deliver awesome photography sets across the web.

Getting a 360 camera just before his round trip to Spain, Steve started to shoot photography contents for fun. A couple days after his return to motherland, he gets a call from Lady Helen requesting a photography shooting of her and her good girlfriend.

Steve started to shoot not only straight contents but now lesbian contents as well too opening a new way for his production label to work with amateur models.

Discover his new models Lady Mia and Lady Helen online now. These two new hot babes are playing kinky with your mind into a dark ambiance like we love to produce it. More to cum soon again.

What's coming up next ? We are now crowd funding to get to shoot more content in 360" before to open a new website section dedicated for that.

We open job opportunities for the very first time in our history to start delegate more and be able to continue managing this project correctly. We are looking for a lot of street team builders and ambassadors to spread our message out of social networks and have some nice goodies for you if you do so. Feel welcome to send you application to our HR Team today if you feel interested to work with us on the success of this project mixing adult arts, music arts, visual arts, video, drawing, new technologies, computer science, logistic, marketing, education, psychology, innovation, energy savings and much more to offer for serious applicants. Be a part of the change that we want to produce, be a part of our team, be one of our many voices and ambassadors starting today!


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